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"Mr. Clayton writes with clarity, passion and insight." —Wall Street Journal

“Clayton uses entertaining anecdotes, thorough research, and vivid storytelling.” —Big Sky Journal

Natural Stories is your weekly nature fix in story format. Or, your weekly story fix in a natural setting. Nature is story; although it’s often about science, politics, spirituality, and more, at heart there’s always a story. Stories are our nature; the human brain perceives the world through story. Each week, here, a new story.

Natural Stories is written by John Clayton, author of books including Wonderlandscape, The Cowboy Girl, and Natural Rivals. A native of Massachusetts and graduate of Williams College, John has lived fulltime in Montana since 1990.

For more on John’s aims and motivations for the publication, see its opening manifesto and his personal note.

What readers are saying

"What a brilliant idea. In a world surrounded by people and their stories, I’m looking forward to reading more about what people are or were surrounded by, maybe even before people came along." -Stephen K.

"John is one of the outstanding writers of stories related to the natural world, combining colorful human stories with insights regarding the ways we interact with wild places." -Don R.

“I appreciate your in-depth research and intriguing angles.” –John M.

“You reveal aspects of nature that I’ve never encountered before, and for more well-known aspects of nature, you have a unique perspective.” –Dave S.

Your stories are always thoughtful, well-written, and enjoyable to read, and I always learn something!” –Martha B.

"John Clayton is an insightful and entertaining writer. " -Jim S.

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Nature is story; stories are our nature


John Clayton is the author of books including Natural Rivals, The Cowboy Girl, and Wonderlandscape. His weekly newsletter Natural Stories tells stories about people in nature.